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Wolfson Lectures: The University of Manchester, 25th October 3rd November 2006

Short course on Old and new in l-adic cohomology

By Luc Illusie


Professor Luc Illusie (Orsay) will deliver a series of 8 one hour lectures on l -adic cohomology at the School of Mathematics , The University of Manchester . The talks will begin with a brief introductory account of l- adic cohomology and will include: sections on integrality and rationality of traces; Serre's l- divisibility results; some basic topological constructions, due to Deligne, applied to vanishing cycles; and, if time permits, recent work of Gabber on SGA 4.


The course will begin on Wednesday 25 th October, with 2 one hour introductory lectures; the first lecture will begin at 14.00; at the conclusion of this lecture there will be a 30 minute tea break, and this will then be followed by the second one hour lecture. Thereafter, there will be a daily one hour lecture from 14.00 to 15.00, except on Wednesday 1 st November, a time is to be arranged, and Thursday 2 nd November which will be a free day. All lectures will be held in the Maths and Social Science Building, Sackville Site in room M12. Further details will appear at . In order for us to estimate numbers for catering it will be greatly appreciated if those interested in attending could signal their intention to

This course of lectures will be supported by the Manchester Institute for Mathematical Sciences (MIMS). In particular MIMS will make available some limited funding towards travel expenses and accommodation expenses for younger Mathematicians who wish to attend and who are not able to obtain full funding from their home department. Requests for funding should be submitted in advance of the meeting to Sebastian Rees.


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