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MIMS organizes various events which are divided into the following categories:

Research seminars:
Regular (mostly weekly) seminar series in all the specific areas of research of the School of Mathematics.
Workshops and conferences:
National and international events usually focused on a specific research area.
Distinguished lectures organized jointly by the MIMS and the School of Mathematics and addressed to a wide mathematical audience.
MIMS Forum:
Focus on an area of mathematics used by a wide variety of different research groups within the university and our industrial partners. Meetings are roughly every month and include several short presentations, often on results that are puzzling or problems only partially solved.
Short courses:
Course of one to several days, usually targeted at postgraduate students.
Ollerenshaw Lectures:
A prestigious annual lecture in the School of Mathematics at the University of Manchester, named in honour and recognition of Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw
General audience lectures:
Popular lectures of general mathematical interest mainly targeted at undergraduate students of all disciplines.

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