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The Formation of Europe: Prehistoric Population Dynamics and the Roots of Socio-Cultural Diversity

Monday March 26th - Tuesday March 27th, 2007

School of Mathematics, University of Manchester

The workshop

This workshop focuses on:
(i) development of a mathematical model of Neolithisation that includes both population migration and cultural diffusion involving several coexisting popultaion types and variable environment;
(ii) assessing the role of human migration and the impact of incoming versus indigenous populations in the process of Neolithisation, as suggested by archaeological and radiometric evidence;
(iii) assessing the importance of environmental factors in the emergence of regional peculiarities of socio-cultural behavious, formation of socio-cultural entities, and their possible impact on the subsequent Europe's socio-cultural distinctions;
(iv) establishing working contacts among participants of FEPRE project.

Preliminary programme is now available


Informal enquiries regarding workshop can be directed to Professor Sergei Fedotov

Organization and Sponsorship

The workshop is organized by the School of Mathematics at the University of Manchester with funding from the FEPRE project.

Organizing Committee

Pavel Dolukhanov, School of Historical Studies, Newcastle University,

Sergei Fedotov, School of Mathematics, University of Manchester,

Anvar Shukurov, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Newcastle University

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