CICADA Workshop on Hybrid Systems and Model Reduction
19, 20 March 2009


This workshop is part of the CICADA series of workshops taking place in MIMS throughout 2009.CICADA

Many systems of relevance to applications are modelled using continuous and discrete state space transitions. This interplay between continuous and discrete time evolutions leads to hybrid systems. The tools from the field of dynamical systems that allow for the analysis and numerical investigations of continuous and discrete time systems, namely singular perturbation methods and centre manifold reduction, allow the qualitative study of system dynamics using low dimensional systems. However, hybrid systems pose a challenge since these reduction methods cannot be directly applied. The goal of the workshop is to look at the recent developments in the area of dynamical systems and model reduction, and identify these tools used in each field, that could be applied for effective investigations of hybrid systems.  To this aim we will look at different formalisms used to tackle hybrid systems, the role of singular perturbations in dynamical systems as a model reduction tool, and at the recent developments in the model reduction theory.