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LMS Triangle Meeting (Birmingham, London, Manchester)
- Groups and their Applications

Date and Location

The talks will take place in G.108, on Wednesday 25 February, 2009 in the Alan Turing Building, School of Mathematics, University of Manchester.


The workshop is organised by Professor Peter Rowley and Chris Parker.

Preliminary Programme

14:00--14.40 Ben Fairbairn (University of Birmingham)
Symmetric Generation of Not-So-Finite (Real) Reflection Groups

14.50 -- 15.30 Ben Wright (University of Manchester)
A 2,503,413,946,215 Vertex Graph for $Fi_{24}$

15.30 -- 16.00 TEA

16:00-- 16.50 John Wilson (University of Oxford)
How Big are Just Infinite Groups


There are modest resources available to support postgraduate student travel.

Please contact Peter Rowley (0161 306 3648) or Chris Parker (0121 414 6199) if you intend to come to the meeting so that ample refreshments can be provided.

There will be a meal after the meeting at a local restaurant.


The meeting is supported by LMS


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