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List of Participants (as of 26-4-11)

Name Surname Affiliation
Maha Al-Ammari University of Manchester
Hanefa Al-Qasmi University of Manchester
Ken Badcock University of Liverpool
Ruediger Borsdorf University of Manchester
David Burton Lancaster University
Peter Butkovic University of Birmingham
Younes Chahlaoui University of Manchester
E. Brian Davies Kings College
Fernando de Terran Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Melina Freitag University of Bath
Seamus Garvey University of Nottingham
Stephane Gaubert Ecole Polytechnique, Paris
Sven Hammarling University of Manchester & NAG
Nick Higham University of Manchester
Ramaseshan Kannan University of Manchester
Vladimir Kisil University of Leeds
Daniel Kressner ETH
Christophe Lecomte University of Southampton
Lijing Lin University of Manchester
Marco Marletta Cardiff University
John McWhirter Cardiff University
Nancy Nichols University of Reading
Samuel Relton University of Manchester
Sergei Sergeev Ecole Polytechnique, Parisr
Eugene Shargorodsky Kings College
Meisam Sharify INRIA
Alastair Spence University of Bath
Francoise Tisseur University of Manchester
Paul Van Dooren Catholic University of Louvain
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