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Robin K Bullough Memorial Symposium
10 - 11 June 2009

This event will honour the life and work of Robin Bullough.

List of speakers:

Nikolai Bogoliubov,
Per Bullough,
Francesco Calogero,
Peter Clarkson,
Philip Caudrey,
Peter Leth Christiansen,
Roger Dodd,
Chris Eilbeck,
Allan Fordy,
Barry Garraway,
John Gibbon,
Shoukry Hassan,
Muthusamy Lakshmanan,
Sara Lombardo,
Ryu Sasaki,
Andrei Rybin,
Jussi Timonen

The symposium is organised by:

Per Bullough
Allan Fordy
Sara Lombardo
David Silvester
Jussi Timonen

The conference administrator is Sebastian Rees

This event is supported by MIMS.

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