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MIRAN (Manchester Image Reconstruction and Analysis) is a one year special programme in applied imaging and inverse problems at the University of Manchester funded by an EPSRC "Building Global Engagements" grant.

The overarching aim of MIRAN is to build and reinforce international research collaboration in the area of reconstructive imaging and analysis, so that new and emerging methods, algorithms and technologies (methods push) are rapidly applied to problems in a wide range of disciplines and modalities (user pull).

In tomographic, or “reconstructive” imaging, an image of a slice or volume is calculated from external measurements. Such techniques underpin powerful methods that are currently impacting across medicine, biology, materials science, security screening, environmental monitoring, oil exploration, process engineering, archaeology and astronomy.

Applications range from day-to-day use in medicine and baggage screening to fundamental science, such as studying fluid dynamics. The length scales we investigate range from nanometres to kilometres with phenomena changing on timescales from milliseconds to years. MIRAN will be a special year of intense activity at Manchester in which global experts — from distinguished visitors to rising stars — in a wide range of science, engineering and mathematics are brought together in a programme that engages experts in theory and computation with specialists in measurement and applications.

Of course, we can say simply that we want better images more quickly, but at the heart of that desire is a need to maximise the relevant information obtained pertaining to the diagnostic, detection or measurement task.

The MIRAN programme includes workshops, master classes, visits and exchanges. Some of the exchanges and visits and short workshops will be arranged in response to internal calls from researchers at the University of Manchester.

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