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Centre for Numerical Algorithms and Intelligent Software (NAIS)

The Centre for Numerical Algorithms and Intelligent Software began operation in 2009, funded by a science and innovation grant. The Centre brings together numerical analysts, computer scientists and HPC specialists with the goal of accelerating the development of effective software for applications for current and future hardware architectures. NAIS is a collaboration of Edinburgh's Schools of Mathematics and Informatics, the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre, Heriot-Watt's Department of Mathematics and Strathclyde's Department of Mathematics and Statistics. These partners are joined by members of an extended research network that stretches across the UK.

Since its founding, NAIS has employed 4 lecturers, based in the various departments as well as a number of postdocs and PhD students. These researchers are working on a wide range of projects relevant to NAIS's mission. NAIS runs training activities, workshops and scientific meetings on themes that complement those of this network. NAIS will act as a super-node within the NA-HPC structure, facilitating involvement of network members in NAIS activities and vice-versa.


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