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[Archived] Manchester Algebra Seminar

Manchester Algebra Seminar

We meet on Tuesdays at 4pm during the teaching semester. Tea is provided beforehand at 3:40pm. Afterwards we usually go for a drink together and, if there is a visiting speaker, we go for dinner.

Everyone is welcome to attend and graduate students are particularly encouraged to come. There is a mailing list; to join, leave, or read mailings, go here.

Sometimes there will be an introductory talk at 2pm or 2:30. The purpose of this will be to give some background material necessary for the main talk, and it will be aimed at postgraduate students. This will not be every week - see the schedule for details.

The seminars are organised by Charles Eaton and Toby Stafford. If you have any enquiries, please contact Charles Eaton at the University of Manchester; Tel: (0161) 306 3697.

Seminars take place in Frank Adams Room 1, in the Alan Turing Building. Tea is on the Atrium Bridge, on the first floor.

Spring 2014

28th January Andrew Davies (Manchester) Cocycle twists of Sklyanin algebras (Abstract)

4th February Yuri Bazlov (Manchester) Super-harmonics (Abstract)

11th February Nham Ngo (Lancaster) On the cohomology ring of Frobenius kernels (Abstract)

18th February Peter Rowley (Manchester) Maximal Subgroup Hunting

25th February Jeff Burdges (St. Andrews) Algorithmic small cancellation theory

4th March Mark Wildon (Royal Holloway) Derangements in transitive permutation groups (Abstract)

11th March Toby Stafford (Manchester) Classifying Noncommutative surfaces---the case of subalgebras of the Sklyanin algebra

18th March David Pauksztello (Manchester) An introduction to discrete derived categories (Abstract)

25th March Markus Linckelmann (City) A characterisation of nilpotent blocks (Abstract)

1st April Marta Mazzocco (Loughborough) Painleve equations, Cherednik algebras and q-Askey scheme (Abstract)

29th April Brent Pym (Oxford) Quantum deformations of projective three-space (Abstract)

6th May David Ward (Manchester) Wreath products of cyclic groups (Abstract)

13th May Alexandre Borovik (Manchester) Black box algebra (Abstract)

20th May Lutz Hille (Münster) The derived category in global dimension two (Abstract)

27th May Ghislain Fourier (Glasgow) Posets, symmetric functions and filtrations (Abstract)

3rd June Dan Vasey (Manchester) Automorphisms of cubic graphs and amalgams (Abstract)

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