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Pure Postgraduate Seminars

The Pure Postgraduate Seminar Series provides an informal environment for pure maths postgraduates to present mathematics, either from their research or just a topic of interest. If you would like to give a talk or have any comments or suggestions as to the organisation of the seminars please contact Matthew Taylor or Nic Clarke. Every week, a reminder will be sent to all pure postgraduates. If you are not a pure postgraduate and would also like to be sent a reminder then please e-mail us to be added to the list.

The seminars are held in Frank Adams 1 in the Alan Turing Building, on Fridays from 4pm to 5pm. We will have tea, coffee and biscuits before the seminar at 3:45pm on the Atrium bridge. Afterwards we usually go to Sandbar.

You are currently looking at the Spring 2014 schedule. For the Autumn 2013 seminar timetable, please click here.

Upcoming seminars

For the Autumn 2013 seminar timetable, please click here.

Previous Seminars

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