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General remarks

Time table with links to abstracts


Monday, June 17

Tuesday, June 18

Wednesday, June 19


and coffee




Martin J. Gander

Ben Ong





Felix Kwok

Roman Andreev

Robert Speck

Georges Klein

Christian Wieners

Stefan Findeisen


Group photo

and lunch



Julien Salomon

Joerg Wensch

Qiqi Wang

Debasmita Samaddar


Michael Minion


Tobias Weinzierl

Uwe Köcher






Yvon Maday


Olga Mula


Informal meeting in
The Briton's Protection

Workshop dinner
in SAMSI Restaurant
(registration required)

Abstracts and slides for Tuesday, June 18

Chair for morning: Stefan Güttel (The University of Manchester)

9:00–9:10 Opening remarks

9:10–10:00 Martin J. Gander (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Multiple Shooting, Parareal, Krylov Parareal, ParaExp and Space-Time Multigrid:
an Overview on Time Domain Decomposition Methods

[ Abstract | Talk ]

10:30–11:00 Felix Kwok (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Coarse Grid Correction for the Neumann-Neumann Waveform Relaxation Method
[ Abstract | Talk ]

11:00–11:30 Roman Andreev (University of Maryland, USA)
Sparse space-time Petrov-Galerkin discretizations for parabolic evolution equations
[ Abstract | Talk ]

11:30–12:00 Robert Speck (Jülich Supercomputing Centre, Germany)
From Spectral Deferred Corrections to the Parallel Full Approximation Scheme in Space and Time
[ Abstract | Talk ]

Related abstract by Mathias Winkel et al.:
Multi-level Parallel-In-Time Methods for N-body Plasma Physics Applications
[ Abstract ]

Chair for afternoon: Daniel Ruprecht (University of Lugano, Switzerland)

14:00–14:50 Michael Minion (Stanford University, USA)
Time Parallelization for Second-Order Equations
[ Abstract ]

15:00–15:30 Tobias Weinzierl (Technische Universität München, Germany)
Parallel Space-time Spacetrees for Simple Parabolic Benchmarks
[ Abstract | Talk | Movie ]

15:30–16:00 Uwe Köcher (Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg, Germany)
Parallel variational space–time methods for the wave equation
[ Abstract ]

16:30–17:20 Yvon Maday (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France)
Conservations with parareal in time algorithm
[ Abstract ]

17:30–18:00 Olga Mula (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France)
MINARET: Towards a time-dependent neutron transport parallel solver
[ Abstract ]

Abstracts and slides for Wednesday, June 19

Chair for morning: Debasmita Samaddar (Culham Science Centre, UK)

9:00–9:50 Benjamin Ong (Michigan State University, USA)
RIDC-DD: A parallel space-time algorithm
[ Abstract | Talk ]

10:30–11:00 Georges Klein (University of Oxford, UK)
Deferred correction from equispaced data based on efficient high-order rational integration
[ Abstract | Talk ]

11:00–11:30 Christian Wieners (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
Space-Time Methods for Wave Equations
[ Abstract | Talk ]

11:30–12:00 Stefan Findeisen (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
First step towards Parallel and Adaptive Computation of Maxwell's Equations
[ Abstract | Talk ]

Chair for afternoon: Felix Kwok (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

13:00–13:30 Julien Salomon (Universite Paris-Dauphine, France)
An intermediate state method for the time-parallelized solving of optimal control problems
[ Abstract | Talk ]

13:30–14:00 Joerg Wensch (TU Dresden, Germany)
Multirate time integration of the Euler equations
[ Abstract | Talk ]

14:00–14:30 Qiqi Wang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
Towards Scalable Parallel Long Time Integration of Chaotic Dynamical Systems
[ Abstract | Talk ]

14:30–15:00 Debasmita Samaddar (Culham Science Centre, UK)
Temporal parallelization of advanced operation scenario simulations of fusion plasma
[ Abstract ]

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